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The Digital Chaplain Audio Series and Devices

Digital Chaplain Streams and Downloads

Digital Chaplain Streams and Downloads


Password is amen.  Both 5 Hr Tracks of the Play on Demand and Continuious Play Streaming Options to Play On Your Favorite Mobile Device. In all, nearly 5 Days of Continuously Playing of Spirtually Lifting and Healing Content, including Bible Readings, Music, Spiritual Narratives and More. Includes Content for Salvation, Healing and End of Life in a Loving Manner.

Either Stream the Series for Several Days in Emergency Situations by Plugging in the Patient's Phone and Hitting Play. on their own device, or Download onto a USB.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    To alleviate the suffering of so many at this time around the world, we offer this encouraging "bridge" to The God Who established the United States of America, Jesus Christ.  The Password is sent in the receipt for purchase to our Website Page under Streams and Downloads. 

    Money Back Guarantee

    We believe that God keeps His Word which says in Psalm 107:20 “He sent His Word and Healed them and Delivered them from their destructions.”

    God is faithful to demonstrate His willingness and ability to heal so that people can be encouraged and take another step and another step with God until they have full healing. They do this by identifying a key verse and believing it. The Book of James in verses 19 and 20 tell us that believing IN God is not enough, since even the devil believes there is a God. We must BELIEVE God. (faith)

    We at the Digital Chaplain so believe God that we offer a money back guarantee if there is NO IMPROVEMENT withing 24 hours of purchase. Here are the terms:


    Improvement is subjective and means a variety of things. One or more things to look for may be:

    Less Pain

    Less Anxiety

    Improved sleep

    Improved heart rate

    Improved blood pressure

    Improved mood

    Improved oxygen level

    Improved cognitive ability

    Any improvement toward health

    They began a relationship with God

    Any encouraging report from a doctor, nurse, CNA or the patient

    The time of your purchase of the Digital Chaplain is recorded. The Digital Chaplain must be played in the patient’s room for the majority of 24 hours. If there is NO improvement and you feel the Digital Chaplain was not helpful to anyone, send an email to The subject must be Refund Request. The email must be date stamped within 24 hours of the purchase. Please include the purchaser’s name, address, phone number, email address and last 4 digits of the card used. Refund requests timestamped after 24 hours will NOT be honored.

     The Digital Chaplain will refund the Download price less fees, any third party vendor dues, and taxes. The Download Access will be cancelled. Refunds will be issued in 1-3 business days.

    There will be no refunds on product except the Free Downloads. such as USB’s’, Speakers, or any hardware or fees due a third-party vendor. There will be no refunds on shipping if applicable.


    Again, we believe The Digital Chaplain will help those who are sick by providing an environment whereby they can experience healing in many forms. However, God is a gentleman and does not force Himself or His Ways on anyone. It is between you and the patient and God to decide if The Digital Chaplain has been of benefit.


    God wants You (them) well.

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