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About Streaming and Downloads



For Streaming simply enter the password given in the receipt emailed at the time of purchase and stream the first track on the Continuous Play page. If the phone does not go to sleep mode it will stream for 5 days. However, due to the file size and industry limitations, the Streaming products will NOT continuously loop after the last track has played or if the play is interrupted or stopped, so someone will need to re-start them.

What you need to do for patients who cannot operate a device in an emergency: (we suggest you screenshot this)

Check if it is possible to take the patient's phone and access the streaming ASAP onto their phone. Make sure the hospital allows them to play internet in the room they are in. Choose the Continuous Play (you should see 1 track) Plug the phone in the wall and allow it to play just loud enough that they can hear it but not so loud that it disturbs others. 5 day


For Downloads: You have 30 days to download 

How to Download Track  onto a device for them. The following steps will require some work on your part:

  1. On the 1st USB will be the Continuous Play  1 Track. 

    1. This is for patients who are too sick presently or expected to be too sick to select and play a track they want. THIS IS A TRACK THAT WILL START AT THE BEGINNING, AND RETURN TO THE BEGINNING AFTER THE END. (Accommodates interruptions and semi-conscious patients well)  Important!!! The track WILL NOT play continuously unless it is the ONLY track on the USB. 

On the 2nd USB will be the Play on Demand Critical Care - All  Audio Tracks

  1. This is for patients who are alert, can make phone calls, operate a device at will, and wish to choose to skip or replay tracks. It is played when the patient wants to listen.


  1. Purchase or provide Qty 2 – 2GB or larger USB’s (the file is 1.5 GB-5 hrs long)

  2. Purchase or provide a player (Be sure it PLAYS USB”s and is not just powered by a USB plug)

    1. Major electronics departments in Walmart, Target, or Amazon have these

  3. Provide an extension cord if patient is in a facility

  4. Provide a USB to Wall outlet adapter if the player is powered by USB (check if you need an extension cord)

  5. Find a way to attach the speaker to the patient’s bed rail or close by. Or purchase The Digital Chaplain Kit that has all.

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