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About The Digital Chaplain

We are so honored to have you visit our website.
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Our Purpose

We believe that God is there for you in this critical time in your life. This is not based on our word but based on His Word. “He sent His Word and Healed YOU and delivered YOU from your destructions,” Psalms 107:20.


Please notice it does not say “unless you have done this thing or that thing”. His love for you is unconditional and as you look for Him, you WILL find Him with you.

Do I need The Digital Chaplain?

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Hello & Thank You For Visiting

We are Jim and Pam Pearson. We are so honored to have you visit our website! The Digital Chaplain was born from the testimony on our Home page and Testimony page about Pam and her Grandmother Hazel. Jim makes The Digital Chaplain possible with his experience in technology.

We were married later in life, and God called us to return to college as part of our ministry to Him.

For 12 years we rented rooms to Charis Bible College students in Colorado. Pam is a graduate of Charis with a degree in Ministry. She has giftedness in the areas of evangelism, discernment, and encouragement.

It was at college we learned to stretch out our faith. We learned to believe His promises. We learned that WHAT GOD SAYS IS TRUTH FOR TODAY. We saw miracles, healings and salvations daily. We found Him true to His Word.

We learned who we are–in Him. We began to expect His goodness and He improved our ability to spiritually help those with anxiety, illness, crisis, coma, or near death.

Our Digital Ministry started here. Many times over the years we were called to ICUs with our computer and God turned the hospital atmosphere from fear, pain and death into a walk with God for the patient and often the family also.

The Digital Chaplain has been produced to show you how to experience the love and life of God at a time when you really need it.  He has a special plan for you.  There is an exciting life waiting for you!

Offering You His Divine Love,

Jim and Pam
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