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The Testimonies

The Personal  Story That Started It All 

In August of 2010, Pam Pearson was studying at Charis Bible College in Colorado Springs when she received a call that many have received. Her beloved 96-year-old Grandmother, Hazel, had fallen in her home and broken her hip, and was in the hospital out of state.

Knowing that God wants us well, Pam wanted desperately to help her Grandmother immediately, but could not. There was a feeling of helplessness, as Pam waited. The right time would not come for Pam to go to see Hazel for 4 months. 

It turned out that Hazel had suffered an infection during her stay in a nursing home for rehabilitation after her release from the hospital. Symptoms of Hazel's infection surfaced as dementia and confusion. Although her infection was treated with antibiotics, the confusion remained. Because her mental symptoms did NOT leave when the infection was medically treated, Pam discerned that Hazel was suffering from more than physical problems; her battle was spiritual.

Picture 2010 Dec. 042.jpg

This is how Pam found Hazel in the hospital after breaking her second hip. Hazel had decided to refuse all treatment.

Still in rehab and struggling with persistent confusion, Hazel fell again and broke her other hip.  Pam traveled to see her grandmother, and what she found troubled her. Although Hazel had been admitted to the hospital, she was refusing all medical treatment. At the age of 96, she had given up. "Although I had never known her to give up on life, Grandma wanted to die,” says Pam.

Unwilling to yield to the enemy's attempt to steal her grandmother, Pam stayed at Hazel's bedside. She stood on the Word that she had learned and used the authority she had been given in Christ to rebuke evil.

As her grandmother rested, Pam used her laptop to play healing Scriptures. As the sound of Scriptures and soft music filled the room, Pam prayed and listened. As she did so, Pam heard the Word being quoted from Psalm 116:8-9, "For thou hast delivered my soul from death, mine eyes from tears, and my feet from falling. I will walk before the Lord in the land of the living.”

Pam’s heart jumped within her. "I stopped the CD, grabbed my Bible and began speaking Psalm 116:8-9 over Grandma. I spoke it all night. I read it to the nurses. I told it to anybody that would listen—that God had promised us He would keep her feet from falling and that she would walk in the land of the living.” 

The next morning when Hazel woke up her first words were, "I feel better." As nurses examined her, it became obvious that Hazel's mind had cleared. "She correctly expressed to the nurses who I was and where I lived. She had her right mind back!” exclaimed Pam.

After a short stay in the hospital, Hazel returned to the nursing home for rehab. Doctors predicted that Hazel would be confined to a wheelchair, but Pam and Hazel did not give up. The Lord had said in the verse He gave Pam, “…she would walk in the land of the living.”

Picture 2010 Dec. 044.jpg

Hazel and Pam the morning after Pam spoke life over her grandmother's body.

Sunrise on Nature

By the following Christmas Hazel lived in her own home again (with some help). Hazel continued to bathe and dress herself and prepare her own meals. She navigated her quarters, "walking before the Lord" with the aid of a walker.

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