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The Healing Power of Prayer

The Digital Chaplain Connects Prayer and Your Health

Request Prayer by Calling a Prayer Line


24/7 All Days

God's Love Is Eternal

Welcome to the Digital Chaplain. I am Pam Pearson, a Licensed and Ordained Chaplain, with four Clinical, Pastoral and Educational Units, which included 1600 hours of supervised clinical ministry and training.

If you or someone you love is experiencing physical illness or isolation right now, you have just found a way to help them. The Digital Chaplain is A free audio track that acts like a bridge to Jesus Christ and plays for up to 5 days if they are in isolation.

The Digital Chaplain is helpful to:
* Hospice Patients
* ICU Patients
* Nursing Home Patients
* Those Who Fear Death

* Drug Addicts or People Contemplating Suicide

If you are reading this YOU can play a major role in the healing that God wants for you or perhaps a loved one.

We have made it simple for you. The Digital Chaplain is a tool that can be a conduit for God's amazing healing power.

God’s Word Has the Power to Heal

The Digital Chaplain is a FREE AUDIO SERIES designed to bring comfort, encouragement and faith to those who are in isolation or facing death. The Digital Chaplain is not intended to replace medical advice and treatment from trained physicians. Most sick people would suffer in pain or even die without proper medical intervention before effective prayer had been offered on their behalf. 

Prior to the 1600’s the medical profession treated a person’s body, soul, and spirit.  It was the French Philosopher,  Rene Descartes who suggested that physicians treat the body and emotions exclusively.  Healing in the spirit was to become the realm of the church.  All medicine followed this one man’s suggestion from there on out.  Descartes taught that Man, not God, was the source of truth.  

Current scientific evidence refutes Descartes claim that “whatever anyone believes is his reality”.  Christians believe by faith, initially, and then by sight that God is the Source of all Truth.

God says that His Word, the Bible, is powerful enough to bring health to us. Listen to How The Word beat COVID - click on "About Digital Chaplain" in the header.

Please take 6 minutes to view an incredible experiment that a scientist in Japan performed. We believe it will confirm scientifically what God said about the effect of His Word on our Body.


Click here to view Masaru Emoto’s “Water is Life”. 

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Woman with Bible

What To Do Next

There are two easy ways that you can start using The Digital Chaplain immediately. Please read the instructions below.

1. Request a Prayer by Calling a Prayer Line.

Call 719-635-1111  which is available 24/7. Generously provided by Andrew Wommack Ministries, this prayer line is the staffed by trained ministers. There is no teaching or preaching, and you can call anonymously,, but you will find kindness, compassion and faith in the person who prays for you!

Jesus said that we are to pray for one another. You may be unfamiliar with how to pray for others. We strongly suggest that you call the number above that has trained prayer ministers ready to pray for you or your loved one over the phone. There is no charge and you can call anonymously if you want.


2. Play the Digital Chaplain Audio Series.
Fill the Room with God’s Word by CONTINUOUSLY playing The Digital Chaplain audio series loud enough to be heard by the patient, but quiet enough to not disturb them when they sleep or disturb others in the room.

In The testimony section below is the true story of the healing of Hazel Polen. The Digital Chaplain was born from this experience and is now available to help others.


What To Expect


They may experience a miracle. We define a miracle as an occurrence that defies the natural progression that is expected. In the story of my Grandma Hazel’s healing, the fact that she woke in her right mind after being confused for 3 months was a miracle. 



Suddenly, the body that was digressing is cooperating beautifully and responding favorably to treatment. This is called a healing. Much like if you skin you knee. You know that a skinned knee will heal and the body gradually forms a scab, and then the skin, and before you know it all is healed.


In Grandma’s Story, healing came to her through rehabilitation and the use of wheelchairs and walkers until she could walk alone again.


It happens to 100% of us sooner or later. The thing that we believe, however, is that death can be a result of someone and the Lord deciding it is time to enter into full time relationship with Him in Heaven and not because an illness dictates it.


When Grandma passed at the age of 102, she did not want healing to be prayed for her. She was ready and excited to go see her family and her Savior in Heaven. It can be a time of great joy as you enter into Heaven without fear. This is accomplished by focusing on Scripture rather than physical symptoms.


Listening for God's Voice
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As focus is placed on talking with and listening to Jesus, the things of Earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His Glory and Grace.

We believe this is a critical time in your life, and God is there for you. This is not based on our word but based on His Word. “He sent His Word and Healed YOU and delivered YOU from your destructions.” Psalms 107:20.


Please notice it does not say “…unless you have done this thing or that thing”. His love for you is unconditional and as you look for Him, you WILL find Him with you.

The Testimony That Started It All

In August of 2010, Pam Pearson was studying at Charis Bible College in Colorado Springs when she received a call that many have received. Her beloved 96-year-old Grandmother, Hazel, had fallen in her home and broken her hip, and was in the hospital out of state.

Knowing that God wants us well, Pam wanted desperately to help her Grandmother immediately, but could not. There was a feeling of helplessness, as Pam waited. The right time would not come for Pam to go to see Hazel for 4 months. 

The Digital Chaplain Accepts Donations

You are invited to partner with THE DIGITAL CHAPLAIN to help us reach out to those experiencing illness to hear the healing message of Jesus and who need financial assistance in purchasing any of our products. Our goal is to create and distribute Christian teaching around the country and someday throughout the world.


Your DONATION of any amount helps us share this life-changing content with those who need it most. We have partnered with PayPal to accept donations.

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